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Providing safe and reliable transport.
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St George Community Transport will become a leader of excellence in the delivery of Community Transport Services through its ability to foster productive partnerships in the community through the use of its capacity and efficient infrastructure.



 Is to support the frail aged, people with disability, their carer?s and other transport-disadvantaged people with an efficient and equitable transport service.



  • Our Clients will be valued as individuals;
  • Clients will be assisted to maximize their mobility;
  • Clients will be supported to make choices in their own lives;
  • Clients will be treated with dignity and respect;
  • Access to services is equitable and non-discriminatory;
  • The community will be provided with a safe, comfortable and reliable service.


 St George Community Transport is committed to:

  • Ensuring that transport disadvantaged people and organisation?s are aware of the Service and the support it provides;
  • Providing opportunities to improve social participation, to maintain or promote a person?s capacity to live as independently as possible;
  • Providing a person-centered approach to service delivery, promoting wellness and active participation in goal setting and decision making;
  • Providing timely and flexible services that respond to a person and their carer's needs and circumstances;
  • Developing collaborative relationships with other service providers for the benefit of people using the service;
  • Recruiting and retaining suitable team members to ensure that the service is able to provide an efficient quality service;
  • Providing and maintaining an efficient, cost effective and accountable organisation.


About Us

St George Community Transport is an organisation made up of passionate employees and volunteers who understand and respect our diverse clients. From humble beginnings we have grown to have a team of 30 employees and more than 70 volunteers to deliver over 100,000 trips needed in our community per year.


Our fleet consists of 27 vehicles ranging from Camry Sedans to 24 seater buses. Many of the vehicles have been custom modified to accommodate for the needs of people who are required to travel using wheelchairs. The custom modifications ensure comfort and accessibility for all our clients.


STGCT continues to maximise the support it is able to provide to our clients.  With thanks to the dedicated team and efficient use of resources we support more than 7000 clients with their transport needs.


STGCT supports the culturally and linguistically diverse community; our client group speak 61 different languages and we have a diverse range of languages spoken by our caring team of staff and volunteers. Mandarin & Cantonese speaking team members are now available in the office each Friday to assist with bookings and enquiries.


We strive to offer the services and support that our clients need and over the years the service has expanded to accommodate transport to the City and out of area specialist appointments or visits. We provide transport to and from doctor?s appointments, hospital visits, other health professionals, shopping, social visits to see friends? family & more. If it is important to you it is important to us to do our best to get you to where you want to go.


We will think outside the square to assist in any way we can. For example, we successfully supported a lady who needed to travel a significant distance across Sydney. After seeking a workable solution, we transported the lady as far as we could and then arranged to meet with an alternative transport service who then assisted her to continue with her journey.


The service is highly regarded by the community and many of our team members have been nominated for or received Community Service Awards & recognition.


The service has rapidly expanded since its onset and demand for the service continues to grow. STGCT is now one of the largest Community Transport providers in NSW.




Our Flyers

Read more about our service in our St George Community Transport Flyer by clicking one of the links below.



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If you would like to support our service and have an important say in the future of the organisation, join our association. Community say in the operation of the service is essential and we welcome new members at any time throughout the year.


To join the association complete the form below and return it to the STGCT office.

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